14-year-old Muslim boy exposed Maulana, a conspiracy was being hatched in the madrassa to “eliminate Hindus”, these big revelations happened- assam cachar

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Amus’s Cachar case

Every day news comes in the country that anti-national or Jihadi ideologies are being promoted in madrassas. Such allegations are always leveled against the madrassa. One such case has come to the fore from Assam, where allegations have been leveled against the madrassa that children are being inspired by Jihadi ideology. Assam Police has also become active regarding this matter.

allegations against teachers

An FIR has been lodged against a private madrassa in Assam’s Cachar district for allegedly ‘teaching jihadi ideology’. An official has confirmed on Friday. Sahab Uddin Khan, a resident of Sonai area, said that his son Sain is a student of Swadhin Bazar Islamia Madrasa. He was attacked by the teachers there.

Why the late night class?
He accused head teacher Abul Hussain Laskar and secretary Dilwar Hussain Mazumdar of beating his son and locking him up in the madrasa premises.
Khan also accused Laskar of instigating his son for racist and anti-constitutional activities. On the complaint, the police arrested both of them. Meanwhile, 14-year-old Sen claimed that teachers used to conduct special classes at night to teach jihadi ideology.

Is it a conspiracy to eliminate Hindus?
He further said, they used to say that if they finish off the Hindus, they will get the blessings of God. The youth said that he was suffering from injury for a few days and refused to attend the special classes. Hearing this, the teachers threatened to kill me.

What did the Madrasa Management Committee say?
He further said that the teachers hit him on the head and punched him. They went to his room and burnt his medicines and locked the boy.
Cachar district superintendent of police Numal Mehta said the police is probing the case from all angles and will also probe its link to any jihadi activities. We are trying to collect enough information and the matter will be properly investigated. However, the management committee of the madrassa has dismissed the allegations as false and fabricated.

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