140 prisoners found HIV positive in Ghaziabad’s Dasna Jail, TB confirmed in 17 prisoners

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HIV test

Ghaziabad: in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh Dasna Jail 140 prisoners have been found HIV positive, after which there has been a stir in the health department. The jail administration has decided to get all the prisoners examined. It is being told that 5500 prisoners have been tested, out of which the report of 140 prisoners has come HIV positive. At the same time, 17 prisoners have been found infected with TB.

All patients kept in isolation

The jail administration has told that the infected prisoners have been sent to AIDS Control Society for treatment. TB patients are also kept in isolation. At the same time, the health team is busy investigating how so many prisoners got infected. Although it does not make any difference to the jail administration, the jail administration is considering it as a routine. Whereas this disease is a deadly disease and there is a danger of its spread.

‘Most drug addicts have this disease’
Jail Superintendent Alok Kumar Singh admits that the jail has more prisoners than its capacity. He told that Hapur’s jail is also Ghaziabad, that’s why the number of prisoners in the jail here is more. On 140 HIV positive patients, he said that there is nothing to panic, it is a routine test and as soon as it is known about the patient, its treatment also starts. He said that this disease has been found in most drug addicts because they use the same syringe and needle, due to which the disease spreads.

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