19 years old girlfriend and 70 years old boyfriend, this story of age gap love and marriage is very interesting. 19 year old girlfriend and 70 year old boyfriend this age gap love story is very interesting

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Liaquat and Shamaila

New Delhi: It is said that when love happens, it neither sees age nor body, it just happens. The love story of Liaquat and Shamaila is also similar. Liaquat Ali is 70 years old and his girlfriend Shamaila is 19 years old. Both live in Lahore but their age gap never came in the way of their love. The love story of this couple is becoming very viral on social media.

The story of Liaquat and Shamaila’s first meeting is also interesting. Liaquat tells that once he was going somewhere. Shamaila was walking in front of them. In such a situation, Liaquat started humming the song from behind and Shamaila looked back at him. It was from here that both fell in love at first sight.

On the other hand, Shamaila says on the issue of her husband getting old that nothing is seen in Muhammad, it just happens. Liaquat says that the heart should be young, what is there in age. Shamaila’s family did not agree to their relationship but later they also agreed.

got married earlier this year

Liaquat and Shamaila got married earlier this year. Age gap is not a problem at all in their marriage as Liaquat believes that marriage should be done irrespective of the age gap, while Shamaila says that every person has the right to live his life according to his own way.

On the other hand, on the issue of romance, Liaquat says that romance is done in every age, just the methods change. Shamaila says she is happy with this relationship. The video of this couple has been put on YouTube by a YouTuber named Syed Basit Ali.

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