2 Indian soldiers martyred in Cango, know what has been India’s role in UN Peacekeeping Mission so far – What is India’s role in the UN Peacekeeping Mission? Two Indian soldiers martyred in Congo


  • Two Indian soldiers martyred in Congo

  • 5 thousand soldiers of India deployed in peace operations

Two Indian soldiers posted under the UN peacekeeping mission in the African country of Congo were martyred. The rebels entered the UN peacekeeping camp and opened fire. In which two Indians and a Moroccan soldier were martyred. This incident happened in the city near the border of Uganda. Civil war has been going on in Congo for a long time between several factions. For this, the UN Peacekeeping Force has been deployed.

Two Indian soldiers martyred in Congo
Two soldiers of India, Head Constable Shishupal Singh and Head Constable Savla Ram Vishnoi were martyred. Both were BSF personnel and were posted in Congo. So far 175 Indian soldiers have lost their lives while working under the UN Peacekeeping Force. Compared to other UN allies, the soldiers of India have given more martyrdom to establish peace in the world.

UN peace mission in the world-
UN peacekeeping has conducted 71 field missions since 1948. At present, 13 peace operations are being conducted by UNDPO in the world. In which 81820 employees are posted. This number is 9 times compared to the year 1999. Troops from 119 countries are deployed in the United Nations Peacekeeping Force. At present, 72930 soldiers and military observers are deployed. Apart from this, 8890 policemen are also deployed.

India’s role in peace mission
India has a long history in UN peacekeeping missions. In these campaigns, India contributes more than the rest of the world. From the year 1948 till now, India has participated in 49 UN peacekeeping missions and 2 lakh 53 thousand Indian soldiers have given their services. At present, 5 thousand soldiers and police of India are deployed in peace operations. At present, India is the fifth largest country to provide military support in these operations. Indian soldiers are stationed in places like Congo, Lebanon, South Sudan, Golan Heights, Syria, Cyprus, Western Sahara.
India started in UN peacekeeping operations in the year 1950 with its deployment in Korea. During this, India mediated on the issue of prisoners of war in Korea. After which the Korean War ended. The commission of 5 countries was chaired by India. Its United Nations entrusted the Indian Army with peacekeeping missions in the Middle East, Cyprus and Congo. Apart from this, India played the role of observer in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Role of Indian women in UN peacekeeping
In the year 2007, India became the first country in the world. Who sent the All Women Team to Liberia for peace missions. India Force did 24-hour duty. In the capital Monrovia also patrolled at night. Not only this, it helped to improve the capability of the police force in Liberia.

India’s participation in the medical field
Indian teams also organize medical camps as part of peacekeeping operations. Medical service is given to those communities where the Indian Army works as a peacekeeping force. Apart from this, veterinary and engineering services are also provided. Working under the UN Peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan, Indian soldiers helped the cattle herders. In these war-torn areas, most of the animals were dying due to malnutrition and disease. After which Indian doctors helped him. Apart from this, the Indian team also did commercial training and repair of roads in South Sudan. In September 2020, India deployed two teams of 15 doctors to Goma in Congo and Juba in South Sudan. India is running a hospital in Goma since January 2005. In which there are 90 Indians including 18 experts.
India has 17 force commanders, 2 military advisors, a deputy military advisor to the UN secretary general, 2 division commanders, a female police advisor and 8 deputy force commanders in the peacekeeping force. India is the first country to contribute to the trust fund on sexual abuse and abuse. This trust was established in the year 2016.

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