20 people injured a Hindu student by hitting him on his private part, raised slogans of Allah Hu Akbar, see viral video – Student beaten up for making controversial remarks against Prophet

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Two-three videos related to an incident are becoming very fast on social media. In this video some people are seen beating a boy. You can clearly see in the video how the boy is being brutally beaten up. In the video, the boy is also being hit with an iron rod by the youths who were beaten up.

Forced to say Allah Hu Akbar

According to the information, the boy has been killed for making controversial remarks against Prophet Muhammad. This case is of IFHE University, Hyderabad. Where a group of 20 people beat up a boy and made him chant the slogans of Allah Hu Akbar. After this incident, the video of the boy being beaten up on social media is going viral very fast.

youth demanded security
According to media reports, the victim is a student of IFHE University in Hyderabad. The name of the victim student is being told as Himank Bansal. He is a student of BBA-LLB in the same university. After this incident, the victim has written a letter in the name of the university management requesting to investigate the matter. According to the letter, the student told that now our lives are in danger and apart from this he has told the danger to the family members.

what is the whole matter
According to the letter, a group of 20 people hit the youth with iron rods, leather belts and weapons. You can see in the video that the boy’s nose is bleeding. The boy told that many people attacked the private part with kicks. The victim said that at first we did not know why I was being killed, but after some time it was understood that the screenshot of my private chat was made viral by my friend. In which we had made some controversial remarks about the Prophet. The victim said that my chats were checked without my consent. I was forced to say Allah hu Akbar. Now my life is in danger.

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