A housewife commits suicide every 30 minutes according to ncrb report 2021

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  • Maharashtra recorded the highest number of suicide cases
  • suffering from depression
  • A housewife commits suicide every 30 minutes

NCRB SUICIDE REPORT: The number of people committing suicide due to domestic violence, loneliness, depression and mental health is increasing rapidly every day in the country. Usually in the case of suicide it is seen that the person is a victim of depression or is disturbed due to domestic discord, due to which he is not able to decide what to do. In the end, he commits suicide. In this, the most shocking figures are of housewives, who stay in their house day and night.

Recently, according to the National Crime Records Bureau, 23,178 housewives had committed suicide in 2021. This number is 14.1% of the total number of suicides. The most surprising thing in this is that most of the suicide figures are of housewives. According to NCRB, about 63 women commit suicide every day, apart from one housewife commits suicide every 30 minutes.

What is the reason behind committing suicide?

At the same time, the figures in 2020 came much higher than in 2021. According to NCRB, 1,53,052 suicide cases were reported in 2020. It was told in this report that the reasons for most of the suicides were family problems, marriage related issues and loneliness. However, the biggest thing is why women working in the house are being forced to commit suicide. Is she suffering from depression or is she fed up due to domestic discord? The report found that 66.9% of those who committed suicide or 1,09,749 out of 1,64,033 were married. In addition, 24% were unmarried. Talk about the same, with respect to the total number of suicides of widows or widowers, divorcees, living apart from their spouses, then 2,485,788 and 871 total cases have been reported respectively.

What do the doctors say?

In this regard, we spoke to a doctor, he told on the condition of anonymity that most of the women take steps like suicide after being troubled by domestic violence. Apart from this, women living in the city become victims of depression due to being alone, due to which they take such steps due to feeling lonely. The doctor told that getting married at an early age is also a serious problem. If a girl gets married at a young age, then she does not understand what decision to take in her life. The doctor further said that we need to discuss this openly so that if many people are thinking of taking such a step, then we can stop them.

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