AAP Sushil Gupta three more Rajya Sabha MPs including suspended action for creating ruckus in the house

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  • Aam Aadmi Party’s Sanjay Singh was suspended yesterday
  • So far 23 Rajya Sabha MPs have been suspended
  • Demonstration in Parliament House Complex against suspension

AAP Sushil Gupta: Today again three opposition MPs were suspended from Rajya Sabha for this week. Three MPs including Sushil Gupta of Aam Aadmi Party have been suspended for raising slogans and creating ruckus in front of the House. The three MPs were shouting slogans and creating ruckus in front of the chair in Rajya Sabha. After which suspension action was taken. Aam Aadmi Party Sushil Gupta, Sandeep Pathak and another opposition MP Ajit Bhuiyan were suspended.

Total 23 MPs suspended till now

Earlier, 20 MPs have been suspended due to the uproar in the Rajya Sabha. The 20 MPs include seven from Trinamool Congress, six from DMK, three from Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), two from Communist Party of India (CPI-M) and one each from Communist Party of India and AAP. Today, after the suspension of three more MPs, this number has increased to 23.

50 hour protest

From Wednesday, these suspended MPs started a 50-hour protest inside the Parliament House complex. In protest against the action taken against him, he spent the whole night of Wednesday in front of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the Parliament complex. Sanjay Singh of Aam Aadmi Party, Dola Sen of Trinamool Congress and some other members staged a sit-in during the night. The suspended opposition members have been on a 50-hour dharna since Wednesday against their suspension.

Opposition parties united

The opposition parties are making special arrangements for the food etc. of the MPs sitting on the protest. From curd-rice to idli-sambar, ‘gajar ka halwa to fruits’ arrangements have been made for the MPs involved in this demonstration. The opposition parties have united for the demonstration being done to show their solidarity and political power and successively the parties have been given the responsibility of making arrangements for the people sitting on the dharna, from food items to other arrangements. The roster for the day’s arrangement is being shared on the WhatsApp group created for this so that everyone can be informed in time.

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