Aftab was terminated during his last job in Gurugram, used to quarrel with Shraddha over the issue of household expenses and belongings. Shradha Murder Case During his last job in Gurugram Aftab was terminated

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shraddha murder case

Shraddha Murder Case: Delhi’s Shraddha murder case is in headlines. The whole country is shocked to hear about this murder case. Accused Aftab not only murdered his girlfriend but also cut her body into 35 pieces. The accused has been arrested and is being interrogated. It has been learned from the top sources of Delhi Police that Delhi Police is doing CCTV mapping of Chhatarpur area. Because the murder took place 6 months back, efforts are being made to find out the records of 6 months. At some places, Aftab is seen coming and going towards the house. However, in most places CCTV recording is done only for 15 days, in such a situation it is very difficult to extract 6 months old records.

Aftab was absent in his last job for 6-7 days, then terminated

Aftab’s family is in touch with the Delhi Police. The CCTV cameras in which the accused Aftab is visible are the recent CCTV footage. On the basis of these footage, the police is trying to find out who he was meeting these days. Aftab’s last job was in a call center in Gurugram where he was terminated for being absent for 6, 7 days.

Shraddha’s father’s DNA sample taken

DNA sample of Shraddha’s father has been taken. About 10 to 13 bones have been recovered from the forest. They have been sent to the forensic lab, which will determine whether they are Shraddha’s bones or those of an animal. Some blood marks have been found from the house. Father’s DNA sample has been taken, so that further body part and blood sample can be matched.

Aftab and Shraddha’s fight was going on for 3 years

Aftab and Shraddha did not have a fight for the first time on 18th May. Their quarrel was going on for 3 years. Many times he had planned to breakup and once he had also broken up. On May 18, there was a fight between the two over taking household items. The two had many times quarreled over the issue of household expenses and who would bring the goods. Aftab has told these things in the investigation. Whether these are true or not, however, is a matter of investigation.

The quarrel started between Aftab and Shraddha from the evening of May 18 and Shraddha was strangled to death between 8 pm and 10 pm. The dead body was kept in the room overnight and the next day Aftab went to buy a knife and fridge.

There are still big challenges for the police

There is still a lot of work left for the police. The weapon used in the murder has not been recovered. Apart from this Shraddha’s head, mobile has not been found. The clothes worn by Aftab and Shraddha on the day of the murder have also not been found. These clothes were thrown in a garbage moving vehicle.

Apart from this, a bag of Shraddha has been found from Aftab’s house. It has his stuff in it. He will be identified with Shraddha’s family. Aftab went to the Mumbai Police in September. Then Aftab had said that Shraddha left after quarreling with him. Once again she came back to collect her belongings and left. However, Mumbai Police got suspicious, after which they contacted DCP South and got the case transferred to Mehrauli police station.

many tests pending

Right now a lot of technical, scientific, digital investigation is left in this case. This will make the case strong in the court. An application has been made in the court for narco test, on which no response has been received from the court yet. This is a long process. The consent of the accused is also necessary. Aftab will be produced in the Saket Court on November 17 and an application will be given for extension of custody as there are many things to be recovered including weapons, body parts.

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