After 20 years with the help of YouTubers, a woman met her family, was a victim of human trafficking in Pakistan


  • met my family through youtube

  • Second marriage in Pakistan to feed

Cases of human trafficking in the country and abroad keep coming to the fore every day. Now such a case has come to the fore again. Hamida Bano left India 20 years ago and went to work in the Gulf countries. Then they had no idea that from there they would be smuggled into Pakistan. But now because of two YouTubers, she has reunited with her family. After 20 years, she has been able to meet the rest of her family living in India through video call.

The family members of 50-year-old Hamida Bano are now trying to bring her back to India from the Indian Embassy in Pakistan. Because Hamida Bano has neither money nor her passport.

met my family through youtube

Actually, with the help of both the YouTubers, they have met their family, their name is Khalfan Sheikh Maroof. According to the report of Mid Day, Khalfan lives in Kurla district of Mumbai. He told Mid-Day that he found a video on YouTube last Sunday in which a woman had been telling her name Hamida Bano. In the video, Bano tells that she was smuggled to Pakistan and lived in Kurla, Mumbai 20 years ago.

Seeing this video, Khalfan asked his subscribers i.e. followers on his YouTube channel hashtag Mumbai (HASHTAG MUMBAI) that if anyone knows Hamida, then inform them. In about half an hour, Hamida’s family members came to know about it and Khalfan also spoke to his grandson.

Khalfan spoke to Pakistani YouTuber

After talking to the family, Khalfan tried to contact Maroof, a Pakistani YouTuber. Maroof, 27, hails from Karachi. Who has helped to send back about 40 people smuggled to Pakistan back to their country. Talking to Mid Day, he told that Hamida Bano had come to his house last week and told him about his smuggling. Hearing all this, Maroof posted an 11-minute video of Hamida on YouTube and asked people for help in finding her family. Then Khalfan from Mumbai told him that Hamida’s family members had met. After this, Hamida talked to her family members on a video call after 20 years.

Second marriage in Pakistan to feed

Hamida Bano told that when she was sent to Pakistan, she was locked up with a Tamil woman in a hut. When both realized that they had been smuggled, they fled and came to Karachi. She further says that she has spent her nights on the footpaths. She used to sell some items for food. In 2010, she married a Pakistani man whose wife had passed away sometime back. She already had 4 sons and her husband’s eldest son is still taking care of them. But she wanted to meet her family and she used to miss them every day.

How was human trafficking done?

According to the report, Hamida lived with her parents in Qureshi Nagar. Her first marriage in India was to Mohammad Hanif Sheikh and they had two sons and two daughters. Due to her husband being an alcoholic, Hamida had to work as a maid to feed her children. In the year 1990, someone told her that if she works in any Gulf country, she will get good money there. After this he worked for 9 years in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Bano told Mid-Day that he met a woman in Vikhroli, Mumbai in 2002 who promised him a job in Dubai. At that time, he accepted this proposal of the woman in order to marry his son and buy a nice house. The woman took away his passport and first sent him to Dubai. Soon after arriving in Dubai, Hamida was put on a flight to Pakistan and deported directly to a place called Sindh located in Pakistan. And thus he spent so many years in Pakistan.

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