After a year of marriage, the husband took the life of his 6-month pregnant wife, buried the dead body in the forest. Karnataka Davangere Husband kills pregnant wife, buries her body in forest arrested

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Mohan and Chandrakala got married a year ago

Davangere (Karnataka): The fire of Shraddha murder case in Delhi has not even cooled down that now Karnataka A sensational murder case has come to the fore from Davangere district which has shocked everyone. In the district, a husband killed his 6-month pregnant wife. After this his dead body was buried in the forest. The police have arrested the accused husband. As per reports, the accused has been identified as 25-year-old Mohan Kumar. Mohan lives in Gangodanahalli near Channagiri town in Davanagere. The police have also started searching for the absconding parents of Mohan Kumar. The deceased woman has been identified as 21-year-old Chandrakala alias Rashmi.

Know what is the whole matter

Chandrakala and Mohan Kumar were married last year. However, in the initial days, there was a dispute between the two regarding something. Mohan Kumar was suspicious of Chandrakala’s character and used to pressurize her to bring dowry. If Chandrakala used to talk to anyone, he used to interrogate her and also accused her of having an illegal relationship. Police said Chandrakala called her parents when she became more fed up with her husband’s harassment. After this she returned to her maternal home, but her parents sent her back to her in-laws house.

Said in missing complaint – wife eloped with someone
A month and a half ago, Mohan Kumar strangled his wife to death during a quarrel. After this, Mohan took the dead body of his wife and buried it in the Hunaghatta forest area. Then he told her parents that Chandrakala had gone missing. On October 10, a missing complaint of Chandrakala was lodged with the police. In which it was said that she had eloped with someone.

Planned to kill wife a month ago
And Chandrakala’s parents suspected that their son-in-law might have harmed their daughter. So he lodged a complaint with the police. Police investigation has revealed that on the day of his disappearance, the accused had gone out at 2 am with his car. When the police interrogated him in custody, he confessed to his crime.

The officials removed the body from the grave and sent it for postmortem. Investigation revealed that the accused had planned to kill his wife a month ago. Police said that he also thought of disposing of the body and destroying all evidence and even prepared a pit to bury the body in the forest.

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