After Corona, the skyrocketing inflation broke the back of the elderly population, know what the report says

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  • 81 percent of the elderly said that inflation increased problems
  • Middle-income elderly most affected
  • This research is by non-profit organization ‘Agewell’.

Report on Old People: Due to the Corona epidemic, almost every country in the world has been badly affected. In our country too, the situation has become very bad due to Corona. Inflation has also touched the sky due to the corona epidemic. Meanwhile, a report states that the elderly population has been badly affected by rising inflation after the impact of the Kovid-19 epidemic across the country. This research has been done by a non-profit organization ‘Agewell’. Its research report claimed that four out of five elderly people in India are suffering from rising inflation.

81 percent of the elderly said that inflation increased problems

More than 81 percent of the elderly in the study said that the difficulties caused by rising inflation are increasing. The study was conducted in the month of July, 2022 titled ‘Effects of Rising Inflation on Elderly in India’ (Special Impact on Their Human Rights). The study included more than 10,000 elderly people from different socio-economic groups across 24 states and union territories.

Study done on these issues for research

The main objective of this study was to study the socio-economic status of the elderly with regard to the economic status, psychological issues and the impact of rising inflation on human rights. According to the findings of the study, 81.4 percent of the elderly i.e. out of ten thousand elderly people, a total of 8,142 people claimed that they have been affected due to rising inflation. According to the study, 94 percent of the elderly in the lower middle income group said that they were affected by inflation.

Middle-income elderly most affected

The percentage of elderly respondents from middle income, upper middle, upper income groups affected by inflation were 86.1 percent, 71.9 percent and 26 percent respectively. According to the study, 26.8 percent of the elderly said that the biggest factor in rising inflation was the increased prices of goods and services. According to 16.5 percent of the elderly, the main reason for their difficulties is due to limited or less income due to various factors like lockdown due to corona virus, reduction in interest rate, loss of job or loss in business.

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