After former CM Tirath, now Trivendra raised questions on Dehradun Smart City. After Uttarakhand former CM Tirath, now Trivendra Singh Rawat raised questions on the work of Smart City

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Tirath Singh Rawat and Trivendra Singh Rawat

Dehradun: Former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Tirath Singh Rawat has heated up the politics in the state by raising the matter of commission Khori. At the same time, former CM of the state Trivendra Singh Rawat targeted the officials of Dehradun Smart City and raised a big question on their work. Trivendra Singh Rawat clearly said that when Dehradun was selected as a smart city, its number was 99, but it has come to number 9 in just 3 years, such a good work has been done. But what is happening now that questions are being raised on its construction works.

‘Nothing smart will be made by moving bricks from here to there’

According to him, now there seems to be a disturbance in the works. The one who is the CEO of Smart City should not be removed, he said. Because the latter raises questions on the works of the former. At the same time, according to him, now it is being heard that the stage built on the parade ground is also being demolished. According to him, nothing smart will be made just by moving bricks from here to there, once a master plan is prepared, it should not be changed. Due to this, the dream of the Central Government and the Prime Minister to make a smart city will not be fulfilled.

CM Dhami’s action on smart city
Let us tell you that earlier the work of Smart City in Dehradun was just a mess, but now it has also become a matter of blame and counter-accusation for the politicians. Actually, CM Pushkar Singh Dhami has started taking strict action. He has made it clear that in the name of making Dehradun smart for the past several years, the dust that was being thrown in the eyes of the public and the government will not be able to work now. Now when the matter has reached the previous governments, the former Chief Ministers of Dhami have come to their rescue.

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