After the collapse of Twin Tower in Noida, now these multi-storey buildings are also in danger, approval for audit

The twin towers of Noida before the collapse (file photo) - India TV Hindi News

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The twin towers of Noida before the collapse (file photo)

Noida Approves Audit of Multi-Store Buildings:After the demolition of the twin towers in Noida, questions are being raised about the structure of many multi-storey buildings from the beginning. Many such buildings are being accused of being built by keeping the rules and regulations on the floor. At such a time, the Noida Authority Board has approved the audit of all such multi-storey buildings. After this decision, there has been a stir among all the builders. Can some other towers like this be demolished in Noida after Twin Towers? What will happen to the multi-storey buildings that fail in the Noida Authority’s audit? …

The Noida Authority Board has approved a policy proposal for structural audit of multi-storey buildings in the city. This information was given in an official statement. The policy also talks about the roles and responsibilities of the builder as well as the residents association and repair of structures if found defective during audit. The decision was taken during the 207th board meeting of the Noida Authority held at its Sector 6 office here on Saturday. The meeting was presided over by Uttar Pradesh Infrastructure and Industrial Development Department Commissioner and Noida Authority Chairman Arvind Kumar, in which Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari was also present.

Noida has more than 100 multi-storey buildings

More than 100 multi-storey buildings are standing in different sectors of Noida. The rules have been ignored in many buildings. A senior Noida authority official said the policy has been approved by the board, but due to the paperwork at the local level, it will take about a week to be implemented. There are around 100 multi-storey building projects in Noida, many of which have multiple towers, the official said. According to the statement regarding structural audit of multi-storey buildings located in the Authority area, “The structural policy was formulated by the Noida Authority on the demand of flat buyers and AOA (Apartment Owners Association), which was approved by the Structural Audit Policy Authority Board with partial modifications. with has been approved.

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