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Alia said this on working in pregnancy

Alia Bhatt Exclusive: Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt is making a lot of headlines these days for her much-awaited film ‘Darlings’. The star cast of this film is promoting the film in full swing. This film is going to be released on Netflix very soon. The song ‘La Ilaaz’ from this film was released today. At the same time, during this song launch, the lead actress of the film Alia Bhatt broke the silence on the news of working during pregnancy.

having fun working during pregnancy

During this song launch, when Alia was asked how she is managing her personal and professional life at the moment, Alia said, “I love working. I am still enjoying my work as much. I haven’t made much difference. The most important thing in pregnancy is for women to be fit and healthy. who I am at the moment. I want to do such work for the coming hundred years.

This character was very challenging for me

Alia talked about her character in this film, she said, “I worked very hard to get into this character. The shooting schedule of this film was earlier in April. But due to Kovid, the shooting of the film started in July and at that time there was a fear that when the second wave would come. So the shooting of the film went very fast. In such a situation, I had very little time and it was very challenging for me to play this character seriously in a short time.

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women have to speak for themselves

Alia said during this interview that in this film I have played the character of a girl who raises her voice for herself. I believe that in real life also women have to raise their voice for themselves. Till she does not fight for herself, she will continue to be oppressed.

good movies always work

On the one hand, where the normal films of big stars are dominated, many times even the best films of actresses are not able to raise money in theatres. When Alia was asked about this, she said, “It is not a women-centric film at all. I think films don’t need to be stamped. If the films are good, the story is strong, then that film will run, it does not matter who is the actor or who is the actress in the film. If the story of the film does not have strength, then that film will not work.

Darlings movie is scheduled to release on Netflix on August 5. This film is also special for Alia because through ‘Darlings’ the actress is also debuting in the industry as a producer. Apart from Alia, actress Shefali Shah and Vijay Verma will also be seen playing lead roles in this suspense thriller film.

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