Ambulance not found, father walked 15 km with son’s body on his shoulder

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  • Asked doctors for help, but no one helped
  • Army soldiers were noticed, then the car was provided
  • Son Shubham was burnt by current

Prayagraj News: What could be more unfortunate for a father than carrying a son’s body on his shoulder. But a similar case has come to the fore in Prayagraj. Here in Prayagraj, a father walked 15 kilometers with the body of his son on his shoulder. After this, the army personnel provided the vehicle and sent it to Dhar. In fact, 12-year-old son of Bajrangi, a resident of Karchana tehsil in Prayagraj, Shubham was scorched due to electrocution. Shubham was being treated at Swarooprani Nehru ie SRN Hospital. After the death, the father asked for an ambulance to take the son’s body, but he could not get an ambulance to take the body from the hospital to the house.

Bajrangi said that he sought the help of doctors to carry the son’s body, but no one helped. All Bajrangi’s money was spent in the treatment itself. Because of this, Bajrangi, helpless, left his son’s body on his shoulder and set out on foot towards his house. Even after this, the heart of the hospital staff and doctors did not sweat. It was today that people kept making videos of Bajrangi walking on the road, but no one came to his aid.

Army soldiers were noticed, then the car was provided

Bajrangi had walked for 15 kilometers with the dead body. Then some soldiers of the army saw him in front of Naini, then provided the car. After the video surfaced, the commissioner has directed the CMO to investigate.

Shubham was burnt by the current

Bajrangi Yadav lives in Semarha Deh village of Karchana tehsil. Bajrangi’s 12-year-old son Shubham had gone to the temple in the village itself. There he got electrocuted. He was badly burnt by this. He was brought to the hospital for treatment on Tuesday night. But he died during treatment. Later the body was sent for post-mortem. Bajrangi wanted to take the son’s body to the village, but due to lack of money, he sought help from the doctors and hospital staff to get an ambulance to take his son’s body. But it didn’t work out. Bajrangi also talked to the ambulance people, but they also asked for the fare. Then in compulsion, Bajrangi carried the son’s body on his shoulder and walked for 15 km on foot. When the video of this incident surfaced, Commissioner Vijay Vishwas Pant said, “A high-level inquiry will be conducted in this. Whoever is guilty, action will be taken against him. The victim’s family will be given help at the government level. CMO Dr. Nanak Saran told that An investigation team has been formed, action will be taken against the culprits.On the other hand, an inquiry committee has been formed under the chairmanship of SDM Meja.

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