Anuj Kapadia die in Anupama Gaurav Khanna breaks silence on reports of leaving the show Will Anuj Kapadia die in ‘Anupama’? Gaurav Khanna breaks silence on reports of leaving the show

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Gaurav Khanna is seen in the role of Anuj Kapadia in the famous TV show ‘Anupama’. In the show, he is seen as Anupama’s husband, played by Rupali Ganguly. Fans love Gaurav and Rupali’s chemistry. Fans affectionately call the pairing of Anupama and Anuj Kapadia as ‘Maan’ and the hashtag #MaAn is often seen trending on social media platforms. Now long time news is coming that Gaurav Khanna is going to leave the show and his character Anuj Kapadia will be killed in the upcoming episodes. Ever since such news has come out, the fans have become very sad, finally Gaurav Khanna has now given his reaction on this and told whether he is really going to be out of the show?

When asked about the upcoming track in the show and whether he is going to leave Anupama, Gaurav Khanna told IndianExpress, “For now all I can say is that I am going to leave Anupama and Star Plus. I am completely committed to this. I have full faith in Rajan Shahi’s vision. I don’t know what’s next in the track. So, I want the audience to wait and watch.” Gaurav did not reveal much details about the future of his character and continued with the mystery.

Fans are already disappointed with Paras Kalnavat being out of the show and now if Anupama’s character is also eliminated, then it is going to be really difficult for the fans.

Paras Kalnavat, who played the role of Anupama’s younger son Samar in this show, bid goodbye to Anupama for the dance reality show Jhalak. Paras has given information about this by posting on Instagram.

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