Anupama: After getting daughter Pakhi out of the house, now ‘Anupama’ will teach these people a lesson, will show them the way out!

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Anupam: A lot of drama is being seen in the serial ‘Anupama’. At the same time, this drama is expected to increase further in the coming episodes. Tell them that due to all the twists, ‘Anupama’ remains at the top of the TRP list. ‘Anupama’ has recently shown her daughter ‘Pakhi’ the way out of the house. On the other hand, according to the latest information, ‘Anupama’ will evict two more members from the house.

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Please tell that ‘Anupamaa’ has made Pakhi evicted from the house for secretly marrying Adhik (Adhik). At the same time, Anupama will take another step and throw her brother-in-law and sister-in-law i.e. Barkha and Ankush out of the house. Tell that it was Barkha who instigated Pakhi to secretly marry. Because of which ‘Anupama’ has also shown him the way out. On the other hand, on Anupama’s decision, Anuj will also ask Ankush to make arrangements for his stay at another place. Like every time, this time too the troubles of Anuj and ‘Anupama’ will not end. In the upcoming promo of the show, it will be seen that as soon as Anupama and Anuj leave the city for a few days, there will be a sign board on the door, seeing which Anupama will get upset.

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On the other hand, after getting out of the house, Pakhi will regret that why did she take such a step. Why did he marry more. The upcoming episodes will also see a fight between Pakhi and more. Let us tell you that on the way to Pakhi’s house, ‘Anupama’ will perform Pakhi’s aarti and Pakhi will sweeten the mouth of more. At the same time, Pakhi tells that there comes a day in every child’s life when he comes to know that his parents were right. But till then his own children would grow up and misunderstand him.

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