Anupamaa: Makers paralyze Anuj for TRP, fans take out anger on Rupali Ganguly

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Anupamaa: TV’s superhit daily soap show ‘Anupama’ is in a lot of controversies these days. The makers of the show had terminated actor Paras Kalnavat. Let us tell you that Paras used to play the character of Anupama’s younger son Samar Shah in the show. Now a new twist is being seen in the show. Anupama has vowed never to set foot in ‘Shah House’. At the same time, a new promo of the serial has been released. Let us tell you that two days ago there was also a rumor that Gaurav Khanna, who played the character of ‘Anuj’ in the show, is going to be out of ‘Anupama’, but it did not happen. Looking at the promo of the show, it seems that Anuj Kapadia will have an accident, due to which he will be paralyzed.

Fans got angry

After Anuj Kapadia’s accident, all the responsibility of the house will fall on Anupama’s head. There is a lot of displeasure among the fans after seeing the new promo of the show. Fans say that after a long time there was some happiness in the life of Anupama and Anuj. Along with this, the fans also say that the makers of the show are doing this deliberately, so that the entire focus of the serial remains only on Anupama i.e. Rupali Ganguly. Fans believe that due to this, Gaurav Khanna’s role in the show is being cut.

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Anupama breaks ties with ‘Shah House’

After Pakhi’s misbehavior in Anupama, Anuj breaks Anupama’s relationship with the Shah family. At the same time, Vanraj also insults Anuj and asks him and Anupama to leave the house. Meanwhile, Anuj reminds how much Anupama did for the whole family but Vanraj remains unaffected. The tussle between Anuj and Vanraj starts turning into a scuffle. Meanwhile, Anupama stops both of them.

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