Anupamaa: Vanraj, who was fighting with Kavya, the sister of ‘Anupama’, did this condition by beating him

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  • Actress Madalsa Sharma is very active on social media.
  • In this video, Vanraj is insulting his second wife fiercely.

Anupamaa: The show ‘Anupama’, which is at the fore in the TRP list, remains in the news a lot. There is always some new twist to be seen in this show. At the same time, actress Madalsa Sharma, who is seen in the role of Kavya in the show ‘Anupama’, is very active on social media. Also, she shares the set of the show and the post-show reel, which fans like very much.

Recently, Kavya has shared a funny reel video in which she is seen having fun with her onscreen husband i.e. Vanraj. Even though Vanraj loves Kavya very much in Anupama, but in this video Vanraj is insulting his other wife fiercely. Sudhanshu is seen with Pandey in the video. In this video, both are seen fighting together.

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‘Anupama’ doesn’t like Kavya at all

Let us tell you that Madalsa Sharma, who posted the video, wrote in the caption, ‘Saying to someone on the go can hurt his ego and he can hit you fatally, so whatever is going, let him go out quietly.. .’ This video is becoming fiercely viral. Also, fans are raining comments on this video. It is seen in the video that Kavya angrily attacks Vanraj and in return Vanraj also makes Kavya a bad condition by beating her. The video is quite funny. Madalsa and Sudhanshu Anupama play the role of husband and wife in the show. In the show, both sprinkle their lives on each other but ‘Anupama’ did not like Kavya at all.

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