Archana Gautam was out of Bigg Boss 16 without nomination, knowing the reason you will also be shocked

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Bigg Boss 16

Bigg Boss 16: Bigg Boss is in a lot of discussion these days. Fans love to watch this show. This time one to one contestants have participated in this show. At the same time, a shocking eviction has been seen in the Bigg Boss house last night. Everyone is shocked after this eviction. Let us tell you that something like this happened in Bigg Boss house last night, after which Archana Gautam was evicted from the house.

Let us tell you that even before this season, many contestants were made homeless due to scuffle in the house. Now the name of Contestant Archana Gautam, who made everyone’s peacock, has also been included in this list. Last night, Archana Gautam had a fierce fight with Shiv Thackeray. In this fight, Archana Gautam raised her hand on Shiva. Physical violence is prohibited in the Bigg Boss house. Hearing this, Bigg Boss took a big step and threw Archana Gautam out of the show.

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‘I will kill you and make a peacock’

Archana Gautam was considered a strong contestant. She was known to fight all alone. Archana used to fight with everyone in Bigg Boss but Archana did not keep anger in her heart and used to talk. Archana is also known for her favorite dialogue ‘Maar Markar Mor Bana Dungi’.

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who is archana

Let us tell you that Archana’s house is in Uttar Pradesh. Archana is an actress and model as well as a politician. Archana Gautam has been an MLA candidate from Hastinapur during the elections. She contested the election on Congress ticket but lost.

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