Are old weapons the reason for the long war between Ukraine and Russia?

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  • Russia’s defense industry was completely ruined
  • The US attempted to equalize in 1982.
  • Russia used to be the king of the defense market since the 1980s

World News: The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for almost 6 months. Meanwhile, a news is making headlines in the media that Russia’s weapons are no longer what it used to be. According to military experts, among the weapons that Russia has, there are many such weapons which are from Soviet times. The Russian army rests on such old weapons. So far these weapons have not even been upgraded. Many military experts say that now Russian weapons have turned into junk. An example of this was seen in the ongoing Ukraine war.

Once upon a time there was a king

Russia gave the world the best and successful tank like T-34, which was the world’s first modern battle tank. The suspension installed in this tank was designed by J Walter Christie of America. In addition Russia has developed a number of effective warships, nuclear submarines, fighter and bomber aircraft, missile defense systems and all types of rockets and missiles. When America was engaged in building the market for defense weapons, then Russia was selling its weapons all over the world. Russia used to be the king of the defense market from the 1970s and 1980s.

continued to reduce the defense budget

Let us tell you that America tried to equalize in 1982. After which the defense budget was reduced to 6.8 percent of GDP. This figure remained the same for some time and then reduced it in the year 2000. The defense budget also saw a decline of 3.2 percent after the breakup of the Soviet Union. America has the advantage of having advanced technology. They have technology that is related to micro-electronics and computers. There are materials that are very important for the manufacture of jet engines as well as aircraft and missiles.

Weapons need to be upgraded
With the breakup of the Soviet Union, Russia was hit hard in the arms markets. Russia’s defense industry was completely ruined. At that time, the economic situation of Russia had collapsed completely. The ruble had fallen in the world. The collapse of the defense industry resulted in the loss of thousands of workers. From 1991 to 2010, Russia spent less than two percent of GDP on the military. The effect of which was also seen on the GDP of the country. When the US was rapidly expanding its defense industry, Russia was reducing its defense budget. It has now happened that from attack jets to aircraft missile positioning systems, everything is out of date and weapons have to be upgraded.

Dependence on China will have to be reduced

For the new system, Russia had to turn to the West. They had to look to other countries for electronics, cameras and sensors. Russia lacks good thermal sensors to infrared radars. Russian drones are made from Western and Chinese electronics and have very few Russian parts. The Secure phones used for warfare are based on non-Russian microprocessors and graphics engines. Russia is currently developing weapons with the help of American software and operating systems.

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