Are you also using headphones and earbuds, must read this new research More than 1 billion youth potentially at risk of hearing loss says research

New research on the use of headphones and earbuds - India TV Hindi News

New research on the use of headphones and earbuds

In today’s lifestyle, some things have made such a place, without which half the work stops. One of the few such things is headphones and earbuds. People are spending thousands of rupees on headphones and earbuds these days. But in the new research, something has come to the fore which is an alarm bell for the people using headphones. New research has recently revealed that more than 1 billion teens and young people are at high risk of hearing loss from using headphones and earbuds and listening to loud music.

WHO’s estimate is frightening

There is an urgent need for governments, industry and civil society to prioritize global deafness prevention by promoting safe listening practices, the researchers said in the new research. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than 430 million people worldwide suffer from complaints of hearing loss. According to research published in the journal BMJ Global Health, the use of personal listening devices (PLDs) such as smartphones, headphones and earbuds, as well as exposure to loud music, amid poor regulatory enforcement, may increase the risk of hearing loss especially among young people. Is.

this volume is bad for your ears
According to previously published research, PLD users often listen to music at volumes as high as 105db, while the average sound level at entertainment venues is 104 to 112db, well above acceptable levels. Let us tell you that the acceptable level of voice is considered to be 80dB for adults and 75dB for children.

Such a percentage of youth and teenagers are at risk around the world
According to the research, in one analysis of the data, PLD (personal listening device use) and visiting loud entertainment venues were associated with 24 percent and 48 percent of unsafe listening practices, respectively, among teens and young adults worldwide. Based on these figures, the researchers calculate that there are between 0.67 and 1.35 billion adolescents and young adults worldwide who may be at risk of hearing loss.

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