Armenia and Azerbaijan War: From bathing kids in salt water to having jam with tea, these things you probably didn’t know about Azerbaijan – Armenia and Azerbaijan War: Facts you didn’t know about Azerbaijan


  • Azerbaijan is the first Muslim country to have theater and opera

  • There are many volcanoes in Azerbaijan.

The matter between China and Taiwan was not yet settled that there are reports of war again between ‘Armenia and Azerbaijan’. Azerbaijan has attacked in the area of ​​​​Nagarno-Karabakh. Meanwhile, Russia has alleged that Azerbaijan has broken the agreement in the disputed area of ​​​​Nagarno-Karabakh. However, he is trying to calm the atmosphere by meeting representatives of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Let us tell you some interesting things about Azerbaijan…

Azerbaijan is called the land of fire

Azerbaijan is located between Russia, Iran, Armenia, Georgia and the Caspian Sea. Azerbaijan is called the land of fire. Because fire stoves are found in Azerbaijan. People here worshiped fire thousands of years ago. The name Azerbaijan literally means ‘keeper of the fire’.

First Muslim country to have theater and opera

Azerbaijan is the first democratic country among Islamic countries. Azerbaijan became independent for some time between 1918 and 1920. But it was once again included in the Soviet Union for seventy years. The country got independence on 30 August 1991. Azerbaijan is the first Muslim country to have theater and opera

most volcanic country

There are about 400 mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan. However, lava does not come out of them. There is a volcano here that has been burning continuously for 4,000 years. Azerbaijan has huge oil wealth. Despite its small size, Azerbaijan is a global player in terms of crude oil production.

People of Azerbaijan take bath in crude oil

Most of the people of Azerbaijan drink black tea. There is a health center here, where people take bath in crude oil. They believe that by doing this 70 skin diseases can be cured.

Babies are bathed in salt water

In Azerbaijan, people bathe newborn babies with salt water. There it is believed that by doing this, children become strong, true and powerful.

Tea sweet, means marriage is confirmed

During Azerbaijan wedding talks, if tea is served in a tray to drink and it is without sugar, then it is believed that the marriage is going to continue and if there is enough sugar in the tea, then it is considered that the talk of marriage has become.

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