Asia Cup 2022 Team India full schedule in Super 4 know when to compete with which team IND vs PAK Asia Cup 2022: Full schedule of Team India in Super 4, know when to compete with which team

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Virat Kohli and Surya Kumar Yadav


  • India and Afghanistan teams top their respective groups in Asia Cup 2022
  • The matches on Thursday and Friday are very special, due to this two more teams will meet
  • One team entry from Pakistan vs Hong Kong and Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh match

Asia Cup 2022 Super 4 Schedule : The race for Super 4 in Asia Cup 2022 is getting more interesting. Teams from India and Afghanistan have entered in it and now two teams are yet to participate in it. There is a race between four teams for two spots. Meanwhile, when Team India will compete with which team in Super 4, it is almost clear, this is because in Group A, where Team India is going to be at number one, in Group B, the team of Afghanistan will top, this sure. The remaining two teams that will come, they will remain at number two.

asia cup 2022

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asia cup 2022

Teams will give their lives in two matches

The matches to be held on Thursday and Friday in the Asia Cup are going to be very important, because in these two days it will be known who will be the other two teams of Super 4. There is a match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh on Thursday, while there is a clash between Pakistan and Hong Kong on Friday. Two teams will meet from these two matches, after which the Super 4 matches will start from Saturday. Teams of India and Afghanistan will be on top of their respective groups, so the match between these two teams will be played on September 6.

Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam

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Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam

Also understand the maths of Super 4 matches
Let us now try to understand which team will India match in the Super Four. The Indian team is at the top of Group A. If the Pakistani team beat Hong Kong on Friday, it would mean that Pakistan would become number two. In such a situation, on September 4, there is a match between A1 and A2, i.e. India vs Pakistan. On the other hand, if the Hong Kong team defeats Pakistan, then Hong Kong will become A2. That is, on September 4, there will be a match between India and Hong Kong. The Indian team is A1 and the Afghanistan team is B1 i.e. on September 6, the teams of India and Afghanistan will be face to face. In today’s match Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh whichever team wins, it will become B2. India only has A1. As per the schedule of Asia Cup, A1 and B2 will be played on September 8. That is, the team that wins today will face India on this day.

Team India’s match in Super 4 of Asia Cup 2022
September 4: Sunday: A1 vs A2: India vs Pakistan/Hong Kong
September 6: Tuesday: A1 vs B1: India vs Afghanistan
September 8: Thursday: A1 vs B2: India vs Sri Lanka/Bangladesh

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