Assam State Secretariat everyone will have to wear formal clothes action will be taken against those who do not o

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Everyone has to wear formal clothes in the Assam State Secretariat

The Assam government has issued a dress code for all its employees working in the State Secretariat premises in Dispur. According to an office order, the new dress code has prohibited the employees working in the secretariat from wearing jeans, T-shirts and leggings. From now on they will have to compulsorily wear formal dress during office hours.

According to the new order of the government, men will have to come to the office wearing formal shirt and pants, while women will have to come to the office wearing sari or salwar-kameez. Along with this, every Wednesday, the employees have been instructed to wear traditional clothes of the state of Assam. Along with this, uniforms will also be provided to the employees during the assembly session. Even the media persons covering the proceedings of the assembly will have to dress as per the government guidelines.

Action will be taken against those who do not obey the order

The order was passed on the instructions of Speaker Biswajit Daimary and will also be applicable to the employees working on salary. It has been strictly stated in the order that if any employee or person does not follow these instructions, then legal action will be taken against him.

The ban has already been imposed in many states

However, Assam is not the first state to pass such an order. Even before this, many states and institutions have issued similar orders. Earlier the Uttarakhand government had also taken similar action. The state government had banned the wearing of jeans and t-shirts in all government offices. Last year, the Maharashtra government had also banned the wearing of casual dress by employees in the state secretariat and government offices.

There is also a ban in the CBI office

Apart from this, in 2021, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) director Subodh Kumar Jaiswal also made it mandatory for all officers to come to the office in formal dress. The CBI director had announced last year that no jeans, T-shirts, sports shoes, slippers and casual dresses are allowed in the office.

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