Attention Are your children also playing this “Thappad” game, 17 year old boy lost his life, 3 friends were playing the game – Ghaziabad Vijaynagar Thappad game 17 year old boy lost his life

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It is surprising to hear such news. After all, how can a child’s life be lost in a normal game. You often hear news that children fight while playing, after that the matter reaches the guardian of the children. After this the matter even reaches to the fight. Sometimes the fight becomes heavy here, like three friends living in Vijayanagar of Ghaziabad got heavy. Three friends were playing a game of slapping together. Usually these children play games but this game has taken the life of a child.

What was the matter?

In this case, the child’s father has lodged an FIR against three friends of the child. The police have started questioning a child in custody. The case pertains to Vijayanagar area of ​​Ghaziabad. In fact, at some distance from the house, Keshav and his friends were playing a game of slapping each other by putting gunny bags one by one. Keshav’s one slap hit his friend Vishu’s eye. After some time, when it was Keshav’s turn, to take revenge, Vishwa caught hold of Keshav’s throat and punched him, after which Keshav fainted. Now the friends got scared, Keshav died in a while.

What were the rules of the game?
When the police questioned Vishwa about the incident, he said that he is my friend, how can I kill him, we were just playing. This whole incident is of Krishnanagar Babu 20 Foota Road in Vijayanagar area of ​​Ghaziabad. The police officer told that 17-year-old Keshav used to work in a mart, on Tuesday night around 8:30 pm, he was playing with friends near the boundary wall of the locality. Will kill the one who has been identified, the next time a sack will be put on him, this sequence will continue in this manner. The father of the dead body has registered a case of murder against three including Vishu, taking Vishwa into custody, he is being interrogated and the body has been sent for postmortem.

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