Bank Holidays Banks will be closed for these 10 days in the month of August take out cash in time

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Bank Holidays


  • Banks will remain closed for these 10 days in the month of festivals
  • Withdraw cash on time
  • 4 more holidays falling in August with weekly holidays

Bank Holidays: August is called the month of festivals. You need money the most during festivals. But this time the bank will be closed for a total of 10 days in the month of August, so you should keep cash out beforehand according to your need. Actually, every time there are 6 weekly holidays in the month of August, but this time four more festival holidays have been added to these 6 holidays. These festivals are – Muharram, Rakshabandhan, 15 August and Krishna Janmashtami. According to the RBI calendar, along with the weekly holidays in the month of August, there will be four more holidays.

When will there be a holiday in the bank

  1. 07 August – Sunday
  2. August 9 – Muharram
  3. 12 August – Raksha Bandhan
  4. August 13 – Second Saturday
  5. 14 August – Sunday
  6. 15 August – Independence Day
  7. 18 August – Janmashtami
  8. August 21 – Sunday
  9. August 27 – Fourth Saturday
  10. August 28 – Sunday

Children’s army will also have fun

August has also brought a gift of happiness for school children. The children were missing the summer holidays a lot as the schools opened from July. But now so many holidays falling in the month of August will also remove their regret. Along with the holidays, the festivals that fall in this month are also very much liked by the children. Whether it is the laddoos of August 15 or the holy festival of brother and sister, Raksha Bandhan, an army of children is seen having fun. On the other hand, Janmashtami is his favorite festival because on that day we celebrate Kanha’s birthday with full pomp. Many children wear Kanha’s costume on this day and try hard to look like them.

Janmashtami will be celebrated for not one but two days

These days the devotees of Lord Shri Krishna are just waiting for the festival of Janmashtami (Janmashtani 2022). This festival is celebrated every year with pomp across the country. According to Bhagvat Mahapuran and Vishnu Purana, Lord Krishna was born on this day. That is why every year on this day tableaux are decorated from temples to every house, houses and temples are decorated. People observe a fast on this day and celebrate the birth of their beloved deity by offering prayers. But this year this festival is going to be celebrated on two dates.

According to the Hindu calendar, Ashtami Tithi starts from 9.21 pm on 18 August and ends at 10:59 pm on 19 August. In such a situation, some people celebrate the festival on the day the date begins, while some sages and saints and people of Vaishnava society celebrate the festival for the whole day on Udaya Tithi (i.e. the day when sunrise has taken place on that date). In such a situation, for people living a household life, August 18 would be the right date to observe Janmashtami fast.

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