Be careful before doing this search on Google know how much it knows about you

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  • Google was created by two PhD students
  • Do not search the number of customers of banks
  • India has strict laws regarding child porn

Be careful, What you are searching on Google, what you are watching, Google stores all your activities. That is, what you have searched so far, Google keeps it in the form of history. Google has made a big contribution in our life. In the old days, when we did not understand something, we used to ask our seniors or take help of books. But now the time has changed, today we are living in 2022. Where Google does almost everything. When you use Google, what data does Google save with you, then for this you will first have to login to your Gmail. After this, you have to go to the Google Account section. If you work on a laptop, then you will see a small photo on the right side of the laptop. If you have put a profile picture then you will see it, otherwise you will see it as normal.

After coming to this place, you will have to click on the photo, as soon as you click, you will see the option of Manage Your Account. If you click on it, a new page will open. You do not have to worry, further you will see the option of Data and Privacy on number 3 from the left side. You have to click on this. After this you will get complete information about what you have searched on Google all day and where you went. Here you will give every history related to your Gmail, what you did throughout the day.

What don’t you search on Google?

You will remember every day what you search on Google, but before searching, you should know that some things should never be searched. If you repeatedly search on Google the method of making a bomb, then the police will immediately take you on the radar. India has strict laws regarding child porn. So you do not search this at all. Do not search the number of customers of banks. You tie a knot in your life that even by forgetting do not make this mistake or else the police will knock on your house at any time.

When was Google formed?

Google was created by two PhD students. Both of them were doing PhD from Stanford University when they founded Google. Created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google was publicly launched on 19 August 2004 for all.

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