Be careful before drinking desi, know how desi liquor becomes poisonous – Careful before drinking desi, know how desi liquor becomes poisonous?

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Poisonous Desi Liquor


  • The administration has so far arrested 8 people in connection with the poisonous incident
  • 12 people have died in Rojid village alone
  • Country liquor is highly intoxicating

Poisonous Desi Liquor, According to police figures in Gujarat, 57 people have died so far. At present 88 people are admitted in Bhavnagar and Ahmedabad hospitals, out of which the condition of about 11 people is said to be critical. In Rojid village of Bhavnagar district alone, 12 people have died. The situation in Bhavnagar is going from bad to worse. Many homes have become homeless. There is mourning in the village. The same local administration told that this number may increase.

What is the administration doing?

The spurious liquor scandal has created panic among the local administration. Alcohol is completely banned in the state, despite this, how people are getting liquor, this is the biggest question? Local people allege that liquor in Gujarat is only on paper but the ground reality tells something else. The administration has arrested 8 people so far in connection with the Bhavnagar poisoning case. At the same time, three named FIRs have also been registered in this case. After the turmoil in the administration department, a campaign has been started to stop illegal liquor. At the same time, a team has also been constituted by the Ministry of Home Affairs. IPS Subhash Trivedi and DIG Nirlipta Rai will investigate this entire matter.

How does country liquor take its poisonous form?

Although there is no process of making poison liquor, but due to excessive use of certain things while making country liquor or raw liquor, country liquor becomes in the form of poisonous liquor. You will be stunned to know how country liquor is made and due to which it takes the form of poisonous liquor. To make country liquor, mainly dates or sugarcane juice and flowers of mahua, sugar, barley, corn, spoiled oranges and rotten grapes, potatoes, etc. are all starchy products, the first of these things Formatting is done by mixing east in them. In simple language, fermentation means to give the shape of a substance to a new substance by chemical process. After fermentation, all these things are completely rotted and chemicals like oxytocin are used to get the head. After all these processes, it is buried in the clay and poured into the kiln, and the steam coming out of the furnace is used to make alcohol. Till now it is in the form of country liquor but now what I am going to tell you is from here country liquor becomes poisonous liquor. To make country liquor highly intoxicating, methanol, oxytocin and urea are added to it, after which the form of country liquor is converted into poisonous alcohol.

How is poisonous alcohol ready to kill?

During the process of making country liquor, excessive urea and oxytocin cause country liquor to become methyl alcohol, which proves to be fatal to humans. Now the question must be arising in your mind that what is this methyl alcohol? Let me tell you in easy language. Methyl alcohol, methyl alcohol and methanol are all the same name. This chemical is also considered to be the first member of the alcohol group. It is also called cast spirit. When a person consumes it, this chemical directly attacks the body parts, after which the movement of the body stops and the person again becomes a victim of death.

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