Big leap in surgery science! 3D Printed Hip Implant for 32 Year Woman in Delhi – iraq woman 32 year old 3D Printed Hip Implant surgery in Delhi


  • Iraqi woman’s surgery took a total of 11 hours

  • Woman has already happened in Turkey

Doctors in Delhi successfully operated on a tumor on the left hip of a 32-year-old Iraqi woman. Not only this, the doctors also did a successful transplant of his hip. Which was designed as well as 3D printed in a private hospital in Delhi. Doctors are being praised a lot for doing this.

Total 11 hours in surgery
This operation was done at BLK-Max Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi. Regarding this, Dr Surendra Dabas, Senior Director and Head of Surgical Oncology and Robotic Surgery of the hospital said that it took us a total of 11 hours to perform the surgery on the Iraqi woman. In which it took four hours to remove the woman’s tumor and seven hours to reconstruct and put the titanium implant.

The operation was complicated
Along with this, he told that it was quite complicated to operate the woman. In fact, the woman had previously undergone surgery to remove the tumor at the same site in Turkey. Due to which there were many scars in his left hip. Due to this, it took a long time to re-detect the tumor.

A big leap forward in ortho-onco surgery
In addition, he pointed out that using 3D printing to reconstruct an ortho-implant adapted to the Iraqi woman’s hip operation is a major leap forward in ortho-onco surgery, including spino-pelvic tumours. Regarding the Iraqi woman’s hip operation, doctors say that she will be back to her normal walking position in three to four months.

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