Bigg Boss 16: Makers got trolled for supporting Sajid Khan, trollers told filmmaker the ‘son-in-law’ of the house!

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Makers had to support Sajid Khan heavily

Bigg Boss 16 Update: As TV’s most controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’ is moving towards the finale, the excitement in the show is also increasing. The people who started as friends in the show do not even want to see each other’s face in today’s time. Fights and fights are being seen between the family members every day. Talking about the latest episode, members of the house including Bigg Boss praised Abdu Rojic a lot but Archana Gautam once again clashed with Abdu. There was a lot of ruckus between the two. On the other hand, Sajid Khan and Gori Nagori, who were once good friends in the show, were seen fighting with each other.

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Sajid called Ghori a thief in front of everyone, Sajid Khan accused Ghori Nagori of ‘theft’ for taking the goods from the room. After which Ghori told Sajid on seeing the opportunity that I did not like this thing that you had called me a ration thief and I had given ration only after asking MC Stan. Sajid Khan gets enraged on hearing Ghori’s words and says angry at Ghori, ‘You will be the dancer of Rajasthan…’. Seeing Sajid getting angry with Ghori, Archana Gautam also jumps into the fight and tells Sajid that she has no right to say such a thing.

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Archana gets into an argument with Gori and Sajid and gets a call from Bigg Boss after the fight. Bigg Boss asks Archana what is happening. On this Archana says that I do not know the whole matter but just did not like this line of Sajid that you will be the dancer of Rajasthan.. After this I supported Gori. After listening to Archana Gautam, Bigg Boss starts holding Archana’s class. After which Bigg Boss is being trolled on social media. People say on social media that Sajid is being treated like a son-in-law in the house. Let us tell you that when Bigg Boss 16 started, Sajid Khan, Shiv Thackeray, Abdu Rojic, MC Stan and Gori Nagori were friends but later their friendship broke down.

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