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Diploma Dancer Chai Wala

A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this viral video, a boy is serving tea to people with tea in his hand. You must be thinking that what is it that the video of this boy is going viral. There is a reason behind going viral, knowing that you will also be shocked. Let us know why this young man is going viral.

Unique style of serving tea

You must have heard the story of MBA Chai Wala and Graduate Chai Wala before. But this tea stall is different. Everyone is liking its way of serving tea. In the evening, there is a crowd of hundreds at the tea shop. The name of the tea shop is also very attractive. The young man has named the tea stall Diploma Dancer Chai Wala. Even on social media, people are making the video of this boy viral very fast. You can clearly see in the video below how the young man is giving tea to people while dancing. This style is also very pleasing to the people. In this video you can see how the boy is also giving entertainment to the people.

Where is the viral video from?
The video creating a buzz on social media is from Rohtas district of Bihar. The young man seen in this video is a resident of Sasaram. When the owner of the shop was talked about in this regard, he told that it is our video. Honor further said that we love dance since childhood. I did diploma. After this, I was working in Orissa but I did not feel like working, so this idea also came to my mind and we opened this tea shop. The name of this young man is Chunchun Singh, who is a resident of Kalisthan of Sasaram.

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