Bijnor: Mother threw her 6-month-old son into the drain, conspired to get the lover. Bijnor News Mother kills her 6 month old son to get lover

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Mother kills her 6 month old son

Bijnor News: of Uttar Pradesh bijnor In this, a Kaliyugi mother killed her 6-month-old child by throwing it in the drain. She was trying to run away with her lover, due to which she got the child killed. The woman was arrested by the police and sent to jail. The mother has been arrested by the police for killing her son who was obstructing the relationship. SP Dr. Praveen Ranjan told that, on August 31, Khudshiya Tajim alias Afsha killed 6-month-old Arhaan and threw the body in a drain near the house. He said the body was later recovered.

Afsha wanted to run away with boyfriend

Khudshiya Tajim alias Afsha, a resident of Mohalla Lohari Sarai, Nagina, Bijnor, lived here with her 6-month-old son Arhaan. her husband Saudi Arab works in. Afsha was having a love affair with some person and the child was becoming a hindrance in the relationship. Afsha wanted to run away with her lover so she conspired to kill her son.

9 year old girl got her son thrown in the drain
Afsha had kept a 9-year-old girl from the neighborhood to take care of her son. He trapped that girl in his words and threw his son in the drain and made noise in the locality that two motorcycle riders snatched the son from the girl’s hand. When the matter was reported to the police, the police reached the spot and started investigation on the matter of kidnapping of the child, but in police interrogation the story turned out to be a different story.

The accused woman confessed that she killed her son Arhaan as he was becoming a hindrance to their relationship. An FIR has been registered against the accused woman under IPC section 302 (murder) and sent to judicial custody.

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