BJP leader Ravi Kishan Big statement said Many Al Zawahiri are hiding in India they have to be killed select

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Ravi Kishan


  • ‘Many al-Zawahiri are hiding in India, they have to be killed selectively’
  • For whom did BJP leader Ravi Kishan say this?
  • Who is the Al Zawahiri of India?

Al-Jawahiri, the leader of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, was killed by the US in Kabul, Afghanistan. Expressing happiness over this, BJP MP Ravi Kishan said that we have achieved a great achievement with the killing of Al Zawahiri. But there are many such al-Zawahiri hiding in India, all of them should be selectively killed. Ravi Kishan said that terrorism cannot be eliminated by killing one Zawahiri, because if such a terrorist dies, then these people prepare a large number of more terrorists.

On whose side was Ravi Kishan pointing?

In his statement, Ravi Kishan was talking about Jin Al Zawahiri hiding in India, in fact he is those people who are active in Kashmir, Assam and many areas of the country and promote terrorist activities in India at the behest of Pakistan. There are many terrorist organizations in Jammu and Kashmir who try to harm India at the behest of Pakistan.

Zawahiri killed by R9X missile

In India, people did not even wake up on Tuesday morning when the news of the death of a terrorist started flashing on TV channels. People thought that maybe some terrorist must have been killed in Kashmir. But after some time it is learned that America has killed the dreaded terrorist, bin Laden’s accomplice and Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in a mission in Afghanistan. US President Joe Biden says that the intelligence agency has killed this dreaded terrorist in a mission. According to the US President, on Saturday, the CIA conducted a special operation and by Sunday the news of his death came. The R9X Ninja missile was used in this special operation of the CIA.

continuously releasing videos

71-year-old Zawahiri was threatening the world by releasing videos continuously for the last 11 years after bin Laden’s death. America had placed a bounty of crores on his head. Zawahiri was bin Laden’s personal doctor. Haqqani’s family was also living in the same house with Zawahiri. This attack has been carried out on the orders of Biden. No American soldiers were present in Kabul at the time of the attack. US officials say the Taliban had information about Zawahiri, a direct violation of the Doha Agreement. However, Zawahiri’s family was not harmed in the attack. The US has not given any information to the Taliban about this attack.

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