BJP state president Adesh Gupta and spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia demanded the sacking of Satyendar Jain. BJP state president Adesh Gupta and spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia demanded the sacking of Satyendar.

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Gaurav Bhatia and Adesh Gupta

New Delhi: Taking a dig at Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party over Satyendar Jain’s massage video, Gaurav Bhatia said that Aam Aadmi Party is the biggest threat to the country’s democracy today. The way Kejriwal is getting his ministers massaged inside the jail and extorting money inside the jail, it shows that Kejriwal has now forgotten his own old promises. He said that those who have taken oath to protect the Constitution are breaking the law today. Kejriwal and his ministers consider themselves above the law and the latest example of this is the video going viral from inside the jail.

How common man became VVIP inside jail

Questioning Gaurav Bhatia, he asked how the common man became VVIP inside the jail. Aam Aadmi Party has become massage party today. What is the compulsion of not sacking your massage minister till date. Which jail gives massage to a prisoner and accused. He said that there is no discrimination inside the jail, so there is a dress of the prisoner in the jail, but why is Satendra Jain in T-shirt? The destruction of evidence is being done inside Tihar Jail, which is being done only at the behest of Kejriwal.

The password to the safe of corruption is with the mastermind Satendra Jain

BJP spokesperson Bhatia said that it seems that the password to the safe of corruption is with the mastermind Satendra Jain and therefore Kejriwal is giving him all the facilities so that his secrets do not come out. He said that today the people of Delhi are feeling cheated. Kejriwal, who talked about providing schools, medical facilities and colleges, ruined Delhi by corruption.

Kejriwal is getting his manager to provide the facility which should be given to the public.

State BJP President Adesh Gupta said that Kejriwal government’s fund manager Satendra Jain is lodged inside the jail for the last 5 months, but the facility which Kejriwal should provide to the public, he is providing his manager inside the jail. He said that today Kejriwal, who talks about the common man, is giving facilities to his special person involved in corruption in jail, so that Satyendar Jain does not reveal his black deeds to anyone else. Talking on the phone, partying, getting massages done inside the jail, many facilities are being provided inside the jail with free permission to meet the witnesses.

Adesh Gupta said that the government is his own, so it is not a big deal for Kejriwal and his minister to misuse government facilities. This is because on the one hand, Jain has remained Kejriwal’s money manager from inside the jail and on the other hand, he is carrying out corruption works over the phone. He said that the sacking of the jail superintendent is tantamount to throwing dust in the eyes of the people of Delhi. This entire script has been written by the Kejriwal government so that the recovery company does not go unnoticed.

BJP demands dismissal and action

The Delhi BJP President has written a letter to the Lieutenant Governor, demanding a high-level inquiry into the Tihar Jail arrangements, as well as ordering 24-hour surveillance of Satendra Jain’s jail cell. In the end, Adesh Gupta demanded that Minister Satyendar Jain, who has been in jail for five months, should be sacked immediately and action should be taken against him. The way Satyendar Jain has misused the jail under Kejriwal’s protection by flouting the law, it is a punishable offense and he should be punished for it.

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