Boney Kapoor birthday: Sridevi put her life in danger to get rid of this habit of Boney Kapoor

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Boney Kapoor birthday

Boney Kapoor birthday: Bollywood’s famous producer Boney Kapoor is celebrating his birthday today. He was born on 11 November 1955. Boney Kapoor has given many hits like Mr India, No Entry, Judaai and Wanted. Talking about Boney Kapoor’s personal life, he was earlier married to Moni Shourie Kapoor. He had two children from this marriage – Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor. After this Boney divorced his wife and married famous actress Sridevi in ​​the year 1996. Boney Kapoor and late actress Sridevi had two daughters – Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor. Boney Kapoor and Sridevi’s love story is quite unique. Today we will tell you an anecdote related to this, but before that we will tell you that one habit of Boney Kapoor, which not only upset Sridevi but also her daughter Janhvi Kapoor. Let us know what Sridevi did to get rid of this habit.

Everyone was troubled by Boney Kapoor’s cigarette smoking habit. During an interview, Janhvi Kapoor had told that ‘Once Sridevi had put her life at risk because of Boney Kapoor’s drug addiction. Many years ago, Boney Kapoor had such a habit of cigarettes that he could not give up. Sridevi and Janhvi were troubled by his habit. Khushi and Janhvi tried different ways to get rid of their father’s habit, but nothing worked.’

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Sridevi got rid of the habit of cigarettes by adopting this method

Continuing her talk, Janhvi said that ‘when none of the methods worked, Sridevi started eating vegetarian. Actually the doctor had advised Sridevi to eat non-veg because she was very weak. Although she continued to eat vegetarian food so that Boney Kapoor would stop smoking cigarettes. Boney Kapoor was requesting Sridevi but she did not agree. At that time Boney Kapoor did not stop smoking but after a few years he gave up this addiction.

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Both came close because of Sridevi’s mother.

When Boney Kapoor proposed to Sridevi, he did not give sentiments to Boney. At that time Boney Kapoor was making Mr India and wanted Sridevi to act in his film, but he could not understand how to connect with him. Then Boney Kapoor talked to Sridevi’s mother. She immediately agreed, but asked to increase the fees. Boney Kapoor gets ready. After this Sridevi’s mother started falling ill and she was undergoing treatment. Boney Kapoor supported Sridevi a lot during that difficult time. However, Sridevi’s mother passed away. According to the news, the closeness of both had increased during this time. After that both of them got married. After living together for a long time, on 24 February 2018, Sridevi said goodbye to the world.

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