Booker Prize 2022 Announcement of long list for Prize Meet the Youngest and Oldest Writers to Be Nominated in Booker History


  • Youngest author Leela Motley at 20

  • Oldest author named Garner at 87

The list of nominated candidates for this year’s Booker Prize 2022 has been released. American writers dominate the list of 13 nominated writers this time, while it includes from the youngest author to the oldest author. Leela Motley is the youngest author, she is only 20 years old. While the oldest writer is 87 years old Alan Garner. The judges have described this time as challenging and surprising.

The panel of judges includes cultural historian and author Neil McGregor, historian Helen Castor, author and critic M. John Harrison, novelist and poet Ellen Mabankov. The panel read all the 169 books and shortlisted 13 of them from the long list. The chairman of the panel, McGregor, said that the books that have been included in the list are excellent.

oldest writer garner
The oldest author Alan Garner has been nominated for the Booker Prize. His age is 87 years. Garner is the oldest writer ever to be named in Booker history. Garner has been named in the list for ‘Treacle Walker’. Its story is of a young boy. If Garner wins the Booker Prize, then he will be 88 years old and he will be the oldest winner.

Youngest author Leela
Leila Motley, the youngest author, has been nominated for the Booker Prize 2022. Lali Motley is the youngest author to be on Booker’s long list. Leela Motley is only 20 years old. Motley Fool wrote the book ‘Nightcrawling’ at the age of just 17. His story is inspired by a true incident of sexual abuse. In fact, a woman was sexually assaulted by a police officer in Oakland, California. This book is based on that incident. Earlier, the youngest author to make it to the long list was John McGrener. Who made it to this list in the year 2002 at the age of just 26.

6 American writers in the list
This time 6 American writers have got a place in the long list of Booker Prize 2022. Apart from Leila Motley, it includes Hernan Diaz, Percival Everett, Karen Joy Powler, Selby Wynn Schwartz and Elizabeth Stroud. Apart from this, there is also a name in the list of Novalet Bulawayo. Who was born in Zimbabwe. But live in America.

Apart from this, three writers from Britain have been given place in the long list. These include Alan Garner, Maddie Mortimer and Scottish author Graeme MacRae Burnett. While two writers from Ireland are included in the list. It stars Claire Keegan and Audrey Magee. Apart from this, Sri Lankan writer Shehan Karunatilaka has been given place in the list.

The books of Motley Fool, Mortimer and Selby Wynn Schwartz have found a place in the Booker List for the first time. Whereas Bulawayo, Fowler, Burnett and Stroud have already been nominated for Booker. The shortest book for the Booker Prize 2022 is Keegan’s Small Things Like These. Which is 116 pages. This time, independent publishers have made their place in the books nominated in the Booker Prize. Four books have been published by small publishers.

13 names on the Booker Prize long list
13 books have been given place in the long list of Booker Prize 2022. It features novelette Bulawayo’s ‘Glory’, Hernan Diaz’s ‘Trust’, Percival Everett’s ‘The Tridge’, Karen Joy Fowler’s ‘Booth’, Alan Garner’s ‘Treacle Walker’, Shahan Karunatilak’s ‘The Seven Moons of Mali Almeida’ , ‘Small Things Like These’ by Claire Keegan, ‘Case Study’ by Graeme McCray Byrne, ‘The Colony’ by Audrey Magee, ‘Maps of Our Spectacular Bodies’ by Maddie Mortimer, ‘Nightcrawling’ by Leila Motley, Selby Lynn Schwartz ‘After Sappho’ and Elizabeth Strouse’s ‘Oh William!’ is included.

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