Britain’s most expensive theft: Billionaire placed a reward of crores on getting information about stolen jewelry, announced on Instagram


  • Biggest theft in UK history

  • Rs 57.5 crore reward

You must have heard many times about the theft of diamonds and jewellery. There are times when people do not even have any hope of getting their stolen jewellery. But Tamara Ecclestone, daughter of Britain’s billionaire, has announced a reward of 25 percent of the value of the stolen jewelry. It is said to be the biggest theft in British history.

Tamara Ecclestone is the daughter of former Formula One chief executive Bernie Ecclestone. They have decided to offer a reward of up to $7.2 million, which is 5.75 crores in Indian currency, to anyone providing information or information about their stolen jewelry. Let us tell you that the value of the stolen jewelry is about $ 31 million and in Indian notes, Rs 247 crore.

Biggest theft in UK history
The theft in Tamara’s house took place in the year 2019 and it is one of the biggest thefts in the history of Britain. He told that jewelry worth $ 31 million was stolen from his London house. She had gone to visit Finland with her husband Jay Rutland and their daughter Sophia when thieves broke into their house and stole valuable jewelry and items. After the police action, in November 2021, three out of the four thieves were caught and arrested. The government of Serbia has refused to hand over Daniel Vukovic, the fourth member of the gang, to the government of London, due to which he will not be tried in London.

Rs 57.5 crore reward
Tamara posted a story on Instagram last Sunday telling people that she is ready to reward 25 percent of the price of the jewellery. Which is approximately Rs 57.5 crores. Tamara told that the thieves broke the security camera of the house and stole all the valuables from every room of the house. The police have not yet recovered any items. Out of the stolen jewellery, only one earring has been found which was recovered from a woman at Stansted airport.

Jewelery will never be seen back
Expressing grief, Tamara wrote on Instagram that I no longer feel safe in my home. Those thieves entering my house, touching my things, stealing have a deep impact on my mind. Because of which I do not feel as relaxed and safe in my own home as before.

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