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  • British man set an example

  • Bought house for Ukrainian family

The war between Russia and Ukraine is not taking its name to stop. In such a situation, millions of Ukrainian people are leaving their homes and taking refuge in other European countries. They have no other option than this. But in the midst of this cruelty, many people are coming out as a ray of hope. Everyone is helping people at their own level.

A British man has set an example in this matter. He has bought a three-bedroom house in Wrexham for a forced Ukrainian refugee family. Its price is around 10 lakh rupees. This is the story of Jamie Hughes, a resident of Britain.

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Jamie Hughes has bought this home for Ukrainian woman Maria and her three sons. Maria’s family was forced to flee Ukraine because of a bombing 10 miles from their home. Hughes joined the family two weeks ago on social media with the aim of helping refugees.

If Maria’s family visa is confirmed on time, it is expected that by April 10, she will be shifted to this house. At present, local people are helping to prepare this house for Maria and her children.

Hughes works in a telecom company

Hughes started working in a telecom company at the age of 21. He says that it is sad to see lakhs of people running away from their homes like this. So he decided to help. First he considered building an annex in his house which he could give to the refugee family. But this work would have taken about two years.

So he bought this house. Maria is still with her children in western Ukraine. He says that he cannot believe that anyone can help him in this way. She is currently going to a refugee camp in Poland, where she will register to become a refugee in the UK.

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