BSP President Mayawati Government s habit of complicating the opposition in disputed issues Mayawati targeted the Center over the uproar in Parliament – “In disputed issues

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BSP President Mayawati


  • Central government is escaping from its responsibility
  • “It is difficult for small party governments to survive”
  • Governments are not responsible to the Parliament and the House in the states

BSP President Mayawati: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) president Mayawati accused the central government of influencing the proceedings of the House and serving political interests by engaging the opposition in non-essential issues in Parliament. He said that this would further increase autocracy in the country everywhere. He said that due to the uproar in the current session, even the burning problems of the country are not being discussed.

Central government is escaping from its responsibility

Addressing the review meeting of BSP organization in the states of Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Mayawati, referring to the uproar in the current session of Parliament, said, “Even during the Parliament session, there is no proper discussion on the burning problems of the country. Due to this, the central government is being saved from covering its responsibility. He alleged, “It has become the new trend of the governments to fulfill their political interests by influencing the proceedings of the House by inciting and inciting the opposition to new undesirable controversial issues every day, which is grossly unfair and anti-people tendency and this leads to The interest of the country is being badly affected.

Governments are not responsible to the Parliament and the House in the states

She said, “If the governments in Parliament and the states are not serious, responsible and accountable towards the House, then it will increase the autocracy in the country even more.” Mayawati said, “Today the bitter reality in the country is that no such government is seen Who should be in a position to work with full seriousness and honesty in relation to inflation, poverty, unemployment besides public interest and public welfare. That is why no state is emerging as a new beautiful picture of New India.

The need for employment is not being fulfilled

He alleged that earlier the curse of casteism, corruption and malice was hollowing the country during the Congress time, but now in the BJP state, communal violence, tension and government animosity has also become involved in it in a big way. In such a situation, from where will the atmosphere of violence and tension-free system necessary for the development of the country arise? Mayawati said that even in the Congress-ruled Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states of South India, as per the public expectation, the need of employment is not being met properly to overcome the problem of poverty and unemployment etc. . He said that there is also a bad condition of the families, which is persistent in other states of the country. This is extremely sad.

It is difficult for small party governments to survive

The BSP president said that after Maharashtra, the discussions of a conspiracy to topple the tribal society-led coalition government of Jharkhand once again are in full swing. This is grossly unfair. He said that earlier politics was unstable and infamous due to the dominance of criminals, but now money power has also become more dominant in it. In such a situation, it is becoming very difficult, if not impossible, for the governments of small parties to survive.

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