Chandigarh News sanjay raana feeding free chole bhature for the third dose of corona vaccine PM Modi has praised the person. Feeding free chickpeas and bhatures after the third dose of corona vaccine is administered in Chandigarh

Covid Vaccine 3rd Dose- India TV Hindi News
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Covid Vaccine 3rd Dose


  • Sanjay sells ‘Chole Bhature’ by putting up stalls on bicycles
  • Free Chole Bhature is being fed after seeing the certificate of the third dose
  • Earlier, even after getting the first dose, Chole Bhature was being fed for free.

Chandigarh News: The whole country is fighting a war against Corona. Everyone is contributing on their own behalf. When the cases of corona were at the peak in the country, people helped in various ways at their level. Even a small contribution was proving to be a big help. The vaccine came, there was a misconception in the minds of people. People themselves started campaigns for its awareness. Vallone was also offered free food or discounts in many hotels and restaurants to get the vaccine. Now a similar offer is going on in Chandigarh as well.

Free feeding for the purpose of encouraging to get vaccinated

A Chandigarh-based shopkeeper has offered Chole Bhature free of cost to persons taking the third dose of COVID-19. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also praised this vendor in Mann Ki Baat last year. It is worth noting that even after the government has imposed it for free, only a few people are getting the third dose. Concerned over this, 45-year-old Sanjay Rana has offered free Chole Bhature to encourage people to get vaccinated. Even before this, Sanjay had given free Chole-Bhaturas to those who went to take the first dose and presented the proof on the same day. After which the Prime Minister praised him in the Mann Ki Baat radio program.

PM Modi has praised

PM Modi had said, “To taste Sanjay Rana’s ‘Chole Bhature’ for free, you have to show that you have got the vaccine done on the same day. He will give you delicious ‘Chole Bhature’ as soon as you show him the vaccination related message.” Appreciating his effort, the Prime Minister had said, “It is said that service and duty to work for the betterment of society.” feeling is needed. Our brother Sanjay is proving it right.

Chole-bhature is sold on a bicycle

Rana sells ‘Chole Bhature’ on a bicycle by setting up a stall. He says that he has been running this stall for the last 15 years. Concerned at the slow pace of the third dose, Rana said, “I am giving Chole Bhature free of cost to those people who will show proof of it on the day of taking the third dose.” Rana said, “All eligible people should come forward and do not hesitate. Do it. Already we are seeing a slight increase in infections in many parts of the country. Why should we wait until the situation is out of control? We should learn a lesson from the kind of situation that prevailed in April-May 2021.

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