Chhattisgarh News 61 people of village died due to unknown disease youths and women also included

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  • District administration started investigation on the complaint of villagers
  • Villagers submitted memorandum to Sukma Collector on July 27
  • 130 families in the village, population is about one thousand

Chhattisgarh News: Residents of a village in Chhattisgarh’s Naxal-hit Sukma district have claimed that 61 people have died due to an unknown disease in the last three years. After the complaint of the villagers, the district administration has started investigation. Villagers in Rengadagatta village under Konta block of the district have claimed that 61 people have died due to unknown disease in the last three years. There are 130 families in the village and the population of the village is about one thousand.

There was a demand to send a team of doctors to the village.

However, district administration officials said that preliminary investigation has revealed that 47 people have died in the village during the last three years due to diseases and natural causes and other causes. The villagers had submitted a memorandum to the Sukma collector on July 27, claiming that 61 people with symptoms of swelling of hands and feet have died in the village since the year 2020, including youths and women. The villagers had demanded from the administration to send a team of doctors to the village to stop the deaths and solve the problem.

’47 people died in that village in the last three years’

Sukma district collector Harish S said a team of health workers and other experts was sent last week after the issue was raised by the local people. “Preliminary investigation reveals that 47 people had died in that village in the last three years, but not all of them died due to the same cause as claimed by the local people,” the collector said. He said that some of the dead had swelling on their bodies and it could be due to various reasons. The Collector said that as per the preliminary reports of samples of water sources, the fluoride level in two water sources was above the limit, while iron content was high in some water sources.

‘High fluoridated water causes bone weakness’

“But right now we cannot say whether the heavy metal content in the water caused the deaths, as consumption of high fluoridated water causes bone weakness. There is no such symptom in the local population,” the collector said. “The high iron content in water also causes many complications, but it may not lead to sudden death. There may be other environmental causes. Kidney diseases due to drinking alcohol can be one of the reasons,” he said.

‘Increased levels of uric acid and creatinine in the body’

He said a detailed report is awaited to identify heavy metal content such as arsenic in water and soil. The collector said that after the matter came to light, a team of health officials who visited the village had conducted a medical examination of the villagers, in which 41 people were identified to be suffering from swelling in the body and kidney-related problems. He said that the tests showed that the levels of uric acid and creatinine in the body were increased. The patients are being treated and their condition is stable.

CMHO Yashwant Dhruv said – death has happened due to joint causes

Two villagers with complaints of anemia were admitted to Sukma district hospital from among the patients, the official said. He said that on August 8, a team of experts would be sent to the village to study the environmental causes. District Chief Medical and Health Officer (CMHO) Yashwant Dhruv said the deaths were due to combined causes, including kidney ailments, old age-related problems and malaria. Dhruv said that how many of them died due to kidney disease, it is yet to be confirmed.

‘Advised not to use eight water sources’

He said that out of 20 water sources tested, two tube wells were found to have high fluoride content, after which it was closed for use, while advising villagers not to use eight water sources for drinking water. Because the iron content in it is more than the limit. Some villagers have mild symptoms of chronic kidney disease, the official said. Everyone is being tested. He informed that recently an assistant nurse has been appointed in a sub-health centre.

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