China and Pakistan again exposed on Terror Funding, made distance from ‘No Money For Terror Funding’ Global Conference in Delhi

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External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar talking to Prime Minister Narendra Modi (representational photo)

‘No Money For Terror’ Global Congress In New Delhi:China and Pakistan have been exposed even before the two-day ‘No Money For Terror Funding’ Global Conference starting today in Delhi. While 72 major countries from all over the world are participating in this global conference. Also 15 multinational groups and NGOs are also participating in this conference. But Pakistan and Afghanistan, the world’s biggest terror strongholds, have shied away from this conference. China, which is funding terror to all of them, is also not participating in the conference. Due to this, the trio of terror (Pakistan, China and Afghanistan) has been exposed to the whole world even before the start of the conference.

Let us tell you that today Prime Minister Modi is going to inaugurate this conference. In this conference, measures to curb terrorist funding will be discussed. Union Home Minister Amit Shah will address the concluding session of the conference tomorrow i.e. on Saturday. But the surprising thing is that Pakistan is not participating in this conference against Terror Funding. Along with this, China and Afghanistan have also separated themselves from this conference.

India will give a message against terror to the world

According to National Investigation Agency (NIA) DG Dinkar Gupta, this conference is very important to stop terror funding. From here Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah will give a message against terror to the whole world. At the same time, Pakistan, notorious as a haven of terror, is not participating in it. That too when representatives of 72 countries around the world are attending this conference. Apart from these, 15 multinational groups and NGOs will also participate in the conference. Important issues such as how to increase coordination between law enforcement agencies of different countries to curb terror funding and how to break new techniques such as crypto currency and crowdfunding … will be discussed in this ‘No Money for Terror Funding’ conference .

The world will discuss the techniques to stop terror funding
In this international conference to be organized on the topic No Money for Terror Funding, the techniques to counter Terror Funding will be discussed in the third session on 19 November. All the countries of the world will find its solution through modern techniques. Four sessions will be organized in this conference against terror funding for terrorists. New methods of terror funding will be discussed in the first session
Formal and informal financial organizations will be at the center of discussion in the second session. Whereas in the third the technology to stop terror funding will be discovered. At the same time, in the fourth session, international cooperation against Terror Funding Co will be discussed.

India will crush the hood of terror
Even though Afghanistan is not participating in the Global Conference of No Money for Terror Funding along with China and Pakistan. But India will try to crush the fun of terror spread across the world through this global conference. Other countries of the world are also seen standing together in this campaign of India. Pakistan, China and Afghanistan have always been strongholds of terror and give shelter to terrorists, in such a way they have already been exposed by not attending the conference. In such a situation, it will be easier for India to prove this thing more strongly. Because the whole world is watching how Pakistan, China and Afghanistan have distanced themselves from this conference.

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