China understood the importance of India in Afghanistan, sent envoy to Delhi for discussion

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India-China Talks

India-China News: The Taliban may have taken power in Afghanistan, but India has recently shown by sending grain to Afghanistan and talking to the Taliban rulers that it still stands with the people of Afghanistan in their troubles. Now even China has understood this. Pakistan may be his stoog, but he has come to know that without India, Afghanistan will not work. That’s why China has sent a special envoy for Afghanistan to India. In fact, before the Taliban occupation of Kabul in 2021, India and China were thinking of working together here. Now the sending of its envoy to India by China for Afghanistan shows that without India, Afghanistan will not work.

What is a ‘common’ issue in talks between China and India?

In the meeting on Afghanistan, India and China discussed the plight of the common women and children there, humanitarian aid and terrorism. During the talks, the representatives of both India and China expressed unanimity that Afghanistan cannot be allowed to become the nursery of terrorism for the countries of the region. India’s concern is about groups like Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba. At the same time, China’s eyes are on the East Turkestan Islamic Movement ie ETIM, which is active in Jinjiang province.

China sent special envoy on Afghanistan issue for the first time

Yui Jiaoyong, Special Ambassador of China to Afghanistan is in India for the first time. He was sent to Delhi to discuss the situation in the Taliban-ruled country. This was the second major event of both the sides after the clash in Galwan in June 2020. In March, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited India. According to official sources, Yui’s visit to Delhi is important because Beijing has understood that even though Pakistan is China’s backer, any work to be done in Afghanistan cannot be done without India’s presence.

Yui’s tour offered by China

The visit was offered by China, which further strengthens India’s stand in Afghanistan. UE held talks with JP Singh, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs. Singh handles the issues of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. Later, China’s special envoy Yui said that the two countries agreed to “increased dialogue and positive energy for Afghan peace and stability”. China has had this conversation with India amidst the deteriorating relations between America and China regarding Taiwan.

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