China was spying on Nepalese citizen from India, court refused to grant bail

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Delhi High Court (file photo)

China spying India from Nepali citizen:The case of China spying on India from Nepalese citizen has come to the fore. A citizen of Nepal coming to India was providing intelligence to China. He lived in different places in India for a long time and kept on collecting and giving important information from India for China. But one day he got caught by the Delhi Police. Since then he is behind the bars of the jail. But in the meantime, the detective had applied for bail in the Delhi High Court. But the court refused to grant him bail in view of the breach in national security.

The Delhi High Court on Monday heard the Nepalese spy’s bail. But considering the matter serious, he refused to grant bail. This Nepalese national is accused of being a co-director of a Chinese company providing sensitive information to Chinese intelligence officials. The accused Sher Singh is a resident of Nepal. The High Court, while denying relief to the accused Sher Singh, said that no ground was made out for granting bail.

Justice Anu Malhotra observed that there is no ground to grant bail in view of the gravity of the offense affecting the national security of the country and the bail application is dismissed.” An FIR was registered by the Special Branch of Delhi Police on September 2020. After which Singh was arrested. Since then he is behind bars. Similarly, China keeps spying by sending other Nepalese citizens to India. China’s intention is to gather intelligence about India, to spread instability here and terrorism through Pakistan. But the Chinese conspiracy has been exposed due to the capture of a Nepali citizen.

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