Clouds will rain in September too, know what the Meteorological Department is saying, monsoon raining heavily in these states

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Monsoon in India

Weather Update: It is also raining in Rajasthan adjoining Pakistan. Floods have wreaked havoc in the neighboring country of Pakistan. Heavy rains lashed Banswara in Rajasthan on Thursday, disrupting normal life. The culvert built on the Rapata near Jahanpura village here submerged in water. A man’s bike got washed away in the water. In Udaipur also, heavy rain caused trouble.

UP: Water level of river Ganga started decreasing in Varanasi

The water level of river Ganga has started receding in Varanasi, UP, but even now the situation is not good from Namo Ghat to Assi Ghat. The low-lying areas are full of water. The cremated people are facing a lot of trouble because of the water. At the same time, the flood water also came in many streets of the residential areas built along the ghat. The condition became such that even the boats plied in the streets.

Roads filled with water due to rain in Bihar and Jharkhand

In Jharkhand’s Dumka too, several roads in the area were flooded with water up to four feet due to heavy rains. In the Bakshibandh locality here, the rain water has entered the houses. The risk of flooding in low-lying areas increased due to the breach of the embankment of the Tirhut canal in Motipur area of ​​Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Late night water entered many villages. The low-lying areas are full of water.

Many areas of South India submerged

Rain continues to wreak havoc in South India’s states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala. Roads are flooded in many areas. The Sarjapur Road area of ​​Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, has been submerged due to rain. The administration is trying hard to solve the problem. Water has been removed by installing pumps from place to place.

In Tamil Nadu’s Madurai also, dams were flooded due to rain. Because of this water is being released. There is a danger of flooding the low-lying areas due to release of water from Vaigai dam. The administration has issued an alert, as well as a team has been deployed for relief and rescue.

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