Commonwealth Games 2022 Long Jumper Murli Sreeshankar Won Silver Medal Creates History 20th medal for India in CWG Birmingham

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Murli Sreeshankar


  • Murali Sreeshankar won silver medal
  • Sreeshankar won the medal in the 5th attempt with a distance of 8.08 meters
  • Sreeshankar became the first Indian to win a medal in the men’s long jump event

Commonwealth Games 2022: India’s Murali Sreeshankar created history by winning a silver medal in the men’s long jump event of the Commonwealth Games athletics event in Birmingham on Thursday. But Mohammad Anees Yahia finished fifth. Sreeshankar has also become the first Indian athlete to win a medal in the men’s long jump event of the Commonwealth Games. Gold medalist Sreeshankar won the silver medal in his fifth attempt with a distance of 8.08m.

At the same time, Lecuan Nairn of the Bahamas, who won the gold medal, also made a best effort of 8.08m in his second attempt. Lekuan’s second best effort of 7.98m, however, was better than Sreeshankar’s second best effort of 7.84m, for which he was declared the winner. Also LeCuan achieved this distance in his second attempt and had little help from the wind. The wind speed at the time of Sreeshankar’s attempt was plus 1.5 meters per second while that of Nairn’s attempt was minus 0.1 meters per second.

India could have got two medals!

South Africa’s Yovan Van Vuren won the bronze medal with an effort of 8.06m. Both Sreeshankar and Yahiya fell well short of their personal and season bests of 8.36m and 8.15m respectively. If these two had matched their personal best, India could have got gold and silver medals. Earlier, in the recently concluded World Athletics Championships, Sreeshankar had caught everyone’s attention with his performance. However, he could not win any medal there.

Talking about here, Sreeshankar was the only player in the qualifying round to achieve the automatic qualifying level of eight meters with a time of 8.05m. Sreeshankar and Yahiya were finishing sixth and eighth respectively after three attempts in the six-attempt final. After three attempts in a twelve-player final, only the top eight players are allowed to make the next three attempts.

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