Compounds present in marine organisms can increase the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines by 25 times: Study – sponges may boost immune response against covid shot


  • will be less expensive

  • will increase immunity

Did you know that some vaccines require their own “boosters”? Scientists have identified a compound in marine sponges, whose one vaccine gives 25 times more immunity protection than the corona vaccine. Its experiment was done by giving injections to rats. The ingredient will act as an adjuvant that can be added to vaccines to help elicit a more robust immune response.

will be less expensive
Researchers at Huazhong Agriculture University, China found that a tried-and-true strategy of using proteins from the pathogen could produce vaccines that are less expensive to make and easier to store. However, many currently available vaccinations against other diseases rely on proteins or fragments of them and these shots are helpful in increasing their effectiveness.

A latest study published in the journal ACS Infectious Disease found that molecules derived from a-galactosylceramide (AGC), a compound of sea sponges, can act as adjuvants. These compounds work by stimulating a small population of immune cells that are important for the body’s defense against viral infections.

will increase immunity
The team wanted to see if they could develop a version of aGC to enhance the immune response elicited by the protein-based COVID-19 vaccine. The analog, AGC-CPOET, has produced the antibody with the greatest neutralizing potential ever. The researchers said these results suggest that the compound “deserves further investigation as a potential adjuvant to fight COVID and other infectious diseases.”

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