Congress demand- High Court judges should investigate the poisonous liquor incident in Gujarat. Congress demands High Court judges should investigate the poisonous scandal

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  • Inquiry of poisonous liquor case should be done by High Court judge
  • So far 42 people have lost their lives in the state due to consumption of spurious liquor.
  • Congress attacked the Gujarat government over the poisonous liquor scandal

Gujarat Liquor Case: The Congress on Friday hit out at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in Gujarat over the death of several people after consuming spurious liquor and said the matter should be probed by a sitting High Court judge. The main opposition party also alleged that the drug trade was taking place in Gujarat under the patronage of the BJP government. Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted that many houses were destroyed by drinking poisonous liquor in dry state Gujarat. Drugs worth billions of rupees are also being recovered there continuously. This is a matter of great concern. In the land of Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi) and Sardar Patel, who are these people who are doing drug business indiscriminately? Which ruling forces are giving protection to these mafia?

Priyanka’s question to Gujarat government

It is noteworthy that the liquor prohibition law is in force in Gujarat. Party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra questioned, “Who is responsible for the death of more than 45 people in Gujarat due to spurious liquor? By putting the label of prohibition from above, who are the people of the government protecting the illegal business of liquor?” He said that Bapu’s land wants answers to these questions. The BJP government is running away from the question of protection of illegal liquor business.

The leaders of the ruling party behind the poisonous liquor scandal – Pawan Kheda

Congress media and publicity chief Pawan Khera told reporters, “In the so-called prohibition Gujarat, more than 45 people have died due to drinking spurious liquor and more than 100 people are fighting between life and death. According to him, “It has come to the notice that 600 liters of ‘methyl alcohol’ (methanol) was brought from Ahmedabad in Botad district. After that water was mixed in it and sold in different areas of the district, due to which people either lost their lives or their kidneys got damaged. It is not possible that the police-administration is not even aware. It must have been behind the complicity of the leaders of the ruling party, the police-administration and the liquor mafia. This is not only an allegation, but there is also a solid basis behind it. ”He said that the sarpanch of Rojid village was continuously writing letters to the administration telling that country liquor was being sold in the village in public.

Such a big matter has happened but no one has come to see from the side of the government.

The Congress leader said that such a big matter happened, about 50 people lost their lives, more than 100 people are fighting between life and death but neither the Home Minister, nor the Chief Minister nor the Prime Minister met the families of the deceased. While the Prime Minister is in Gujarat. The spurious liquor scandal should be investigated by a sitting judge of the High Court because if the police who are charged with the same investigation then the investigation will be of no use. Most of those who died due to drinking spurious liquor were poor and it was their responsibility to run the household. Appropriate compensation should be given to such families. In this event, free and better treatment should be arranged for those who have lost their eyesight or kidney failure.

So far 42 people have died due to spurious liquor

Gujarat’s Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghvi said on Wednesday that 42 people have died so far in Botad in the state and in neighboring Ahmedabad district after consuming spurious liquor on July 25. At least 97 people are admitted in hospitals in Bhavnagar, Botad and Ahmedabad, he said.

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