Congress leader Rahul Gandhi protested against inflation by wearing black clothesCongress leader Rahul Gandhi protested against inflation by wearing black clothes

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  • Groups in New York in the 8th century preferred the color black
  • Freedom fighters waved black colored flag
  • Catholics recommended wearing bright blue, red, and green clothing that looked more colourful.

Protest: Many leaders including Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi are protesting against the inflation in the country. At present, inflation is at its peak in the country. The prices of items used in daily life are skyrocketing. The Congress is protesting across the country regarding this issue. On Friday, many Congress leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, went to the House wearing black clothes in protest against the government. Now the question must have come in your mind that if you went wearing black clothes, then why does black color mean opposition. You must have seen in many demonstrations earlier that many leaders or students protest by tying black cloth. So now you don’t have to worry, you have come to the right place. We will tell you why black cloth is considered a symbol of protest.

Why black cloth is considered a symbol of protest

Black color is such a color that everyone likes it. It is generally seen that everyone feels comfortable with this color. According to historians, the first protest in black clothing was made by the purists of Christianity against Catholics. Catholics recommended wearing white, blue, red, and green clothing that looked more colourful. According to him, black color was a negative identity and it was not worn by the people of the big class. At the same time, let us tell you, it is said that in the 18th century, when groups in New York used to wear black, then their minds used to be on fire to protest about some issue. So much black clothing was worn in the city that the New Yorker became a distinct identity in Western countries. If a person was wearing a black dress, people would have thought of him as a New Yorker. In European countries, France was also not untouched by black, in the 20th century, people protested by wearing a black cap, bandage in social movements. During the Second World War, disgruntled soldiers in France protested by wearing black caps.

When was the protest against wearing black clothes in India?
When India was a slave of the British, then the freedom fighters waved black flags for freedom in India. When the commission came to India on 3 February 1928, it had to face strong opposition. At that time, the British were protested in every corner of the country by showing them a black flag.

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